Ametek Gemco 1986A-1-X-R-X Rotary Resolver

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3/4" Shaft Rotary Position sensor providing absolute shaft position.

The Ametek Gemco 1986 Rotary Sensing Resolvers are a rugged, accurate rotary positioning of industrial processes including in harsh environments. The internal brushless resolvers include an AC reference winding and sin and cos windings placed at 90 degrees, thus providing two different output voltages which represent the absolute position of the shaft. Resolvers are the standard rotary position method for multiple industrial applications.

The brushless resolver uses a rotary transformer to couple the rotor power.  The three separate windings take an AC excitor voltage and use the sin and cos windings to provide different output voltages whose ratios provide an absolute shaft position.

The Resolvers hold up better in harsh environments than other rotary position sensors.They are absolute so the exact position data will be commuinicated when power is applied.  Resolvers can signal over a long cable run.

Resolvers are the standard position sensing method for packaging, metal manufacturing, stamping, auto, tire and rubber, paper manufacturing, and mining.


  • 1 - Standard Output: Compatible with all Gemco electronic modules and Autotech
  • X - Single Turn Resolver: No gear reducer
  • R - Standard Rear Mount Connector
  • X - No Special Options

For more configurations, see the Special Order page.

For more information check the Gemco 1986a Resolver datasheet

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Manufacturer Gemco
Manufacturer Part Number 1986A-1-X-R-X
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