1. Benefits of Hydrostatic Liquid Level Sensing Technology

    Benefits of Hydrostatic Liquid Level Sensing Technology

    The Situation

    Liquid level sensing is a tremendously important engineering challenge that is critical in many industries around the world, from factories to municipal water systems. Though technology has made progress in leaps and bounds in recent years, many traditional technologies are still widely used for a plethora of possible reasons, even on new systems. For example, one may be simply maintaining or repairing an old system because it seems quicker or less costly, it may be what the engineers are familiar with, parts may still be on hand, or maybe it “just works.” However, there are many important reasons to consider newer technologies, such as hydrostatic level sensing.


    The Problem

    Implementing and maintaining liquid level control systems can be complex, and varies significantly depending on the installation. Therefore, many common challenges come along with it. For example, different types of liquids can require vastly different types of systems. Even slight differences in mineral content or length of probe leads can present challenges for traditional technologies. Furthermore, once many types of systems are in place, they are difficult to work on and potentially require significant overhaul for even small tweaks like changing a pump set point. Even more importantly, their capabilities are significantly more limited with regards to important features such as alarms or multiple-pump control. Finally, many such systems are often difficult to install and diagnose, and offer no real-time system or level readout. Such features can be found on certain traditional systems, but can come with their own drawbacks. For example, solutions like bubblers, displacers, and capacitance transducers require complex setup and installation. Other more modern technologies such as ultrasonic, radar, and magnetostrictive floats can be prohibitively exp

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