Ametek Gemco M0822400 Spacer for Four Hole Magnet

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Non-ferrous spacer for use with SD0400800 four hole magnet.

Non-ferrous spacer for use with SD0400800 four hole magnet. When the magnet will be mounted to a ferrous metal surface, nonferrous spacers should be used. The spacer should be designed so that any ferrous surface is no closer than 0.25 inch from the magnet. Ferrous material within 0.25 inches of the LDT could affect the unit’s operation.

More Information
SKU GEMCO-M0822400
Manufacturer Ametek
Manufacturer Part Number M0822400
Alternate Catalog / Part Numbers N/A
Supply Voltage N/A
Analog Output: 4-20 mA No
Analog Output: 0-10 VDC No
Digital Output: Stop/Start No
Digital Output: Control Pulse No
Digital Output: Pulse Width Modulated No
Digital Output: Velocity N/A
Digital Output: Ethernet/IP No
Digital Output: SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) No
Digital Output: Modbus No
Position Accuracy (of full stroke) N/A
Repeatability (of full stroke) N/A
Resolution N/A
Lengths - 0.1" Increments N/A
Null Zone N/A
Dead Band N/A
In Cylinder Mounting No
Enclosure Rating (IP) N/A
Optional Mill Duty Housing N/A
Hand-Held Programmer N/A
Programmable from PC N/A
Competitive Style Connector N/A
High Shock and Vibration N/A
Multiple Magnets N/A
Universal Mounting Kit N/A
Metric Threads and Dimensions N/A
All Stainless Steel (Head & Potted Connector) N/A
High Temp Cables N/A
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